Our special product is our TRIPLE HERMLE ROTARY TABLE

Foto: Hermle AG - www.hermle.de

Technical details:


- for Hermle C32U, C30U, C20U, C600U, C800U, B300U and C250U upgradeable anytime!

- upgradeable also for Chiron FZ 15 and FZ 12

- Table diameter: 160 mm

- Table distance: 200 mm

- Table height: 100 mm

- Weight: 60 kg




+ You extend your machine´s running time

   → so often one person can handle two machines simultaneasly


+ No electronic, purely mechanical!


+ All important parts are hardened and polished


+ Highest precision by prestressed axial- and radial roller bearings


+ Our patented triple Hermle rotary tables have been successfully in use at renowned companies for over 10 years


+ The devices can be mounted outside the machine and you can lift it as a whole into the machine

   that leads to less setup costs!


+ Less tool changes!

   e.g. 100 parts, 10 tools per part = 1000 x tool changes

           On our triple Hermle rotary table you can clamp and edit 3 parts - this means with 100 parts appx. 340x tool changes

           Time saving: 660 tool changes multiplied by 6 sec. = 66 minutes!




In the follow video you can see a TRIPLE HERMLE ROTARY TABLE in action: